“I Thirst” - Seven Sayings of Jesus

March 10, 2018

 Listen to Steph Robson as she explores the fully human nature of Jesus and what it means for us to live a Christ like life.


“My God, My God. Why have You forsaken me.” - Seven Sayings of Jesus

March 6, 2018

Listen as Rod goes deep into the darkest place of Jesus time on earth as he cries out to his father. What does it mean for us?


New Beginnings – Our “Funky” Cross by Pete Majendie

March 6, 2018

Listen as our resident artist Peter Majendie explains the meaning behind his cross installation for the reopening of our auditorum. What does it mean take up your cross? What baggage are you holding onto and leaving with Jesus?


New Beginnings – Official Reopening Service since Earthquake repairs.

February 28, 2018

Our building is repaired and we are celebrating New Beginnings as a church family. Listen to our service as we move from Pete Majendie explaining our unique cross to Phil Haussman decommissioning our building team. Shirley Freeman gives her testimony followed by a reflective item and memories shared from our past. We dedicate our building together as we look forward to new beginnings.


Euthanasia, Palliative Care and the “End of Life Choice Bill” Presentation.

February 27, 2018

***March 6 deadline for submissions*** Listen to Dr Amanda Landers who held an event last month addressing Euthanasia, Palliative Care and David Seymour's "End of Life Choice Bill". How might this effect you? Submissions for the justice committee close soon. Follow the link to submit  https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/sc/make-a-submission/document/52SCJU_SCF_BILL_74307/end-of-life-choice-bill . They want to know whether you think it should be legal or not. Go one step further and email your MP as well.


Seven sayings of Jesus; “Father forgive them…”

February 13, 2018

Listen as Steph Robson paints a picture of tradegy and suffering in our society and how people tend to respond. How did Jesus respond to his suffering and tragic death on the cross?


Seven sayings of Jesus; “Be with me in paradise.”

February 3, 2018

 Listen as Rod places you in the shoes of the repentant thief on the cross when Jesus said to him, "Today you will be with me in Paradise." What does it mean to be or live in paradise Today.



January 29, 2018

Listen to this short message about expectations from Phillip Haussmann following the induction of our new senior pastor Rod Robson.


Jesus the Vine

January 22, 2018

Listen as Rod explores on what it means for us to be the branches and Jesus the vine from John 15: 1-5. How are we to be pruned, how do we bear fruit?


The Journey for the year, 2018

January 18, 2018

Listen to Rod as he contemplates the purpose of preaching, how people may process it and the path he wishes us to take as a church community this coming year.